Next Saturday Meet-up (Dec 10th)

Time: 1-3pm Place: messaliberty offices

Out of 96 members, 5 are attending and 4 are maybes

You don’t have to confirm attendance but it might be helpful to other members.

You can do so on:


or by leaving a comment below. We’ll collect the yes and maybes and keep this page updated. Thanks!

Upcoming OpenCoffees


We now have a page with a calendar of upcoming OpenCoffee Osaka meetings.  The days we are having a meeting are in bright yellow :)  You can click on the arrows to move forward months, though we don’t decide meetings many months in advance. 

OpenCoffee on Saturday!

OpenCoffee Osaka logoSaturday 23th of July is the second OpenCoffee on Saturday, but it is already the 8th edition of OpenCoffee Osaka in total!Continue Reading

OpenCoffee Osaka no.7

Yes, Wednesday the 20th of July it is already time for the 7th OpenCoffee. We will start at 1pm till there is no coffee left. Join us at our office in Juso!

More info:
What is OpenCoffee Osaka
How to get to OpenCoffee Osaka

OpenCoffee Osaka #6

Wednesday July 13th there is another OpenCoffee Osaka starting at 1pm. Join us!Continue Reading

Two OpenCoffees!


Next week there there are two OpenCoffee’s.Continue Reading

Third edition of OpenCoffee Osaka

OpenCoffee Osaka logo

On June 29 (Wednesday) there is another OpenCoffee Osaka meetup. Please come, meet new people, and have a nice chat about whatever you want!

More information about the event and the location:

What is OpenCoffee Osaka

How to get to OpenCoffee Osaka

The next OpenCoffee Osaka

Last friday was the first OpenCoffee Osaka organized by messaliberty! First we’d like to thank everybody who came. You really made this event an success.

The next OpenCoffee Osaka will be held on Wednesday 22nd June at 1pm.  Ian will make a post soon with more details about the change.

There are various ways to stay up to date for next OpenCoffee Osaka: Like our Facebook page, follow messaliberty on Twitter or subscribe to the email list (on the right). We hope to see you soon.

If you have been to OpenCoffee Osaka, please leave a comment below or on our facebook group page on what you thought of it and how we can improve this event. Thanks!